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Vehicle Foamer With Quick Release Gun, Rinse Lance & Bottle

Vehicle Foamer With Quick Release Gun, Rinse Lance & Bottle

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Vehicle Foamer With Quick Release Gun, Rinse Lance & Bottle

  • High pressure gun with quick release lock & swivel.
  • Foaming lance for applying the foam.
  • Standard lance for rinsing the foam off.
  • 5 litre pressure sprayer.

Please note: You also need your own pressure washer to attach to this system.

Our range of foaming traffic film removers, when used through the system, comes out as thick as shaving foam, but it also have the power to clean meticulously without damaging paint work. Your high pressure hose, which you attach to this system, needs to have an industry standard 3/8” bsp male or female fitting. If you don’t have this size of hose, we will help you out with other fittings.

How to use the foam system:

  1. Fill container with a good quality foaming traffic film remover.
  2. Do not pressurise the container because the foam is lifted from the bottle by a venturi valve on the foaming lance.
  3. Start applying the foam at the front bottom left of the car, raising the lance in a straight vertical line so that the windscreen and then the roof of the vehicle is covered. Then, again from where you started, overlap onto a fresh part of the vehicle and repeat until this part of the car is covered.
  4. Next, apply the foam to the side of the car, starting at the wing and applying in horizontal strokes working again in straight lines the entire length of the car. Overlap each stroke until the side of the car is covered.
  5. Do the same for the back of the car, exactly as you have done for the side.
  6. Repeat step 4 again, but this time, starting from the back quarter panel.

Rinsing Stage

When rinsing the vehicle, we advise you to rinse the roof first and then the front windscreen, bonnet down to the bumper, and then repeat for sides and boot.

You must work in horizontal strokes, overlapping each one so as not to miss any areas. This is most important if you are using a touchless foam (for example, Arctic Foam 25 litres or Arctic Foam 200 litres). If you do not do this, the final result will be a patchy finish on the areas that you have missed.

If on the other hand, you are using our Foaming Hand Wash (200 litres) or are sponging or brushing the Arctic Foam, then a quick rinsing from top to bottom - even with a garden hose - will suffice to rinse the vehicle.



  • Foaming Lance with Spigot + 1/4" BSP adapter + stainless steel spigot.
  • Heavy Duty Quick Release Gun with Swivel to be used with this Vehicle Foam Cleaning System.
  • LARGE Mesh for large foam lance.
  • SMALL Mesh for small foam lance.

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