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RUPES Velcro Rotary White Foam Pad (Ultra Fine) 25 mm Thick (BR150S)

RUPES Velcro Rotary White Foam Pad (Ultra Fine) 25 mm Thick (BR150S)

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RUPES Velcro Rotary White Foam Pad (Ultra Fine) (BR150S)


125 mm - Fits LH19

For Rotary Polishers

Completely new foam formulations specifically optimised for rotary application. The system includes three types of foam pads designed to give the operator choices depending on the desired outcome.

Open cell foam materials were chosen to minimise excessive heat. The pad profile helps to prevent accidental contact between the backing plate and the panel.

25 mm thickness for each pad version available in 125 mm pad size.



Formulated for a show car finish. Available for dual action random orbital and for single action rotary. Different cell structure, resin, and shape fit the different machine action and are optimised for the RUPES compound viscosity and lubrication. White ULTRA FINE compounds are recommended.


The completely new soft foam technology removes fine imperfections and creates an unbelievably high gloss finish. Highly recommended when using rotary on dark colours.


Product Code RUPES407 

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