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PW Panel Wipe X500ML

PW Panel Wipe X500ML

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Quick Overview
Removes all polish residue
Promotes bonding
Fragrance and colour free

Why Use Gtechniq Panel Wipe

Panel Wipe is designed to remove all polish residues so that chemically bonding coatings can form the maximum amount of bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork. The product is a blend of pure alcohols and solvents formulated to remove and dissolve polish residues and then flash off to leave a 100% decontaminated surface.

The solvents and alcohols in version 2 have been dialled back to ensure the product is still effective at removing polish residue, without affecting the finish of softer modern-day clear coats such as Japanese and GM paint.

Simple Steps To Help You Get The Best Results

Allow surfaces to cool before use

Shake well and wear gloves

Spray onto a MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth and then wipe onto the surface

To make sure the surface is residue free over-wipe with a dry MF1

Not suitable for use on PPF, vinyl, plastic or rubber. Avoid use on smart repairs or resprays

We recommend testing Panel Wipe on a small area of paintwork before use, to make sure it is compatible. In order to effectively remove polish residues this product contains a high volume of hydrocarbons which will not affect original paintwork, but can tarnish smart repairs or resprays

Store in a cool, dry place

Use within 2 months of openin

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