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Nilfisk MTM Hydro PF22.2 Professional Foam Lance

Nilfisk MTM Hydro PF22.2 Professional Foam Lance

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Fits Most Nilfisk Home Use Machines

Snow foam lance kit with adjustable spray angle and pattern that can spray vertically or horizontally.


  • New wide stable base bottom tank for extra stability


  • Nilfisk Spigot


  • 200 Bar/2900 psi Maximum Pressure


  • Works on machines up to 11.5 Litres per minute @ 60°C max



  • Works very well with our PH7 Neutral Foam which is available in 1litre or 5litre all you need is 100ml of product in the bottle and fill with water for a thick luxurious foam

 Any queries regarding this product please email or call 01506 862299

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