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ION Glass Sealant 100ml

ION Glass Sealant 100ml

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Durable Ceramic Glass Coating, offers extreme rain repellence that greatly enhances drivers’ visibility, even at low speeds(30mph).

Protection that lasts for up to 6 months on windows. Front and rear windows may require a maintenance top up due to window wiper usage. Durability can also be affected by cleaning techniques and types of chemicals used when washing vehicle.



Chemically bonds to glass for a longer lasting protection

Exceptional water beading

Bugs and bird poop clean easily off the glass

Helps reduce the impact of frost on the windows


How to Use

  1. Clean the glass/mirror with glass cleaner or I.P.A
  1. Use a clay bar for total contaminate removal, either use a spray glass or a car shampoo as a lubricant
  2. Clean again with glass cleaner or an I.P.A to ensure surface is as clean as possible
  1. Make sure surface is completely dry before next step
  1. Put a couple of drops of Ion Ceramic Glass on a suitable applicator cloth and apply to window or mirrors using a circular motion to create a haze on the window/mirrors.
  1. Allow to cure for 10-15 minutes then buff off with another clean microfibre cloth
  1. If haze still remains use a high alcohol content spray glass cleaner to remove any remaining residues.
  1. A second coat can be applied to ensure no part of the glass mirror has been missed, follow instructions from 5 onwards
  1. If product comes into contact with plastic or paintwork wipe off easily with detergent before product dries.
  1. Do not apply when temperatures are below 8° or above 25°
  1. Protect product from frost and extreme heat. Store in temperatures above 6° and below 30°
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