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Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash 1LT

Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash 1LT

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A highly concentrated pre wash for cleaning vehicle exteriors, use this product prior to applying a shampoo or foam.

This product will remove visible road grime, bugs, bird poop and salts that adhere to the vehicles paintwork.

Very concentrated at PH level 13 so must be diluted before use.



Dilute product as per guide below.


Light Soiling 1 part chemical to 25 parts water

Normal Soiling 1 part chemical to 20 parts water

Heavy Soiling 1 part chemical to 15 parts water

For a PH Level of 10.5 dilute Normal Soiling 1 part chemical to 100 parts water


  1. Rinse heavy soiling from vehicle exterior then apply product by sprayer to vehicle exterior.
  2. Either rinse vehicle then apply foam or skip rinsing vehicle and apply foam directly on top of the prewash.
  3. Rinse with water.


Do not let product dry out on paint work and do not apply in a strong sunlight.

Do not apply to hot wheels/alloys always make sure these have been cooled down before application.

Do not apply to the following wheels, Anodized, Dur-Bright, Powder Coated, Polished Steel Wheels or Un-Lacquered wheels.




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