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Clay Bar, Fine White (200 Gram)

Clay Bar, Fine White (200 Gram)

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Fine White Clay Bar (200 Gram)


  • Ideal for removing fallout, overspray and tree sap.
  • This is the larger fine 200 gram size block.
  • When combined with Waterless Polish, leaves a smooth glass-like finish.


Usage Instructions:


  • First of all, tear of a 50 pence size chunk from the block. This is more than ample to do an entire car.
  • Make sure car has been washed first before using block.
  • Spray clay bar lube onto area to be worked on.
  • Use the clay bar in small back and forth straight actions over the vehicle, always insuring that there is plenty of "clay bar lube" on area being treated.
  • When using the block, you should hear and or feel the fallout/overspray being removed from the vehicle. You then fold your clay piece into itself so that the clay is once more smooth.
  • Keep repeating the above process until the paint work is super smooth.
  • Once cleaned, buff off with a micro fibre cloth.
  • Apply hard wax polish, such as EASY WAX, for a super shine mirror finish that will not only bead, but will provide protection for at least three months.
  • If clay block is dropped and becomes contaminated, please discard because this could easily scratch paint work.


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