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Ceramic Foam + Seal 5LT

Ceramic Foam + Seal 5LT

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Tested By Detailers For Detailers.

If you want a powerful foam sealer that also leaves a fantastic protective gloss finish then look no further.

This is an advanced ceramic infused foam that gives durable protection for up to 6 months.


Make sure vehicle to be sealed has been washed and rinsed and preferably all tar & iron have been removed first.

Confirm the surfaces are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

  1. Next dilute 1 part product up to 10 parts water in a foaming lance bottle.
  2. Apply to one section of the vehicle then as soon as possible rinse the product off straight away
  3. Work around the vehicle repeating step 2
  4. Dry with a drying towel, removing all residues
  5. Using glass cleaner clean the windscreen and wiper blades
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