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ION Detailing Products

Car Detailing Bundle

Car Detailing Bundle

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Grab an absolute bargain usually £64.99 introductory offer price £44.99 This detailing kit is an ideal introduction to our ION Detailing Range.

Ideal gift for the car enthusiast.

The kit includes the following products:

Apple Sours Super Concentrated Car shampoo 1litre

Ceramic Detailer 500ml

Interior Cleaner 500ml

Creed Inspired Designer Air Blast

Glass Cleaner 500ml

Hanging Air Freshener (Savage)




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Detailing Bundle

Interior Cleaner

For use cleaning vehicle interiors, has amazing smell eradication formula. Can be used on upholstery, leather, vinyl and plastics.

Especially good for removing dye from jeans on white
leather, just be sure to rub gently.

Detailing Bundle

Ceramic Detailer SiO2

Ceramic Nano Detailer is for use on vehicle paintwork, glass, plastic and alloys.

Produces an extreme protective hydrophobic effect with a high gloss finish thanks to the SIO2 properties.

Lasts up to 3 months.

Detailing Bundle

Apple Sours Luxury Vehicle Shampoo

Apple Sours is a super thick luxurious concentrated car shampoo that is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces.

This is formulated to be PH Neutral so will not harm any part of vehicle exterior. Apple Sours has extreme lubricity that helps the wash mit glide over the surface. Luxurious thick foam even at high dilutions.

High powered bubblegum fragrance

Detailing Bundle

Creed Inspired Designer Air Fresh

Experience the aromatic and crisp scent of Creed Inspired Blast Air Fresh in your home, office or car. This 500ml spray bottle offers an ideal mix of freshness and intensity, perfect for those looking for a pleasant, long-lasting scent.

Designer air fragrance that is also effective against viruses and bacteria, bad odours and germs.

If using inside the car spray a one second burst directly onto car mats for a long lasting lingering fragrance.


Glass Cleaner

Streak-free and smear-free finish. Provides a sparkling shine. Easy to apply. Blasts through grease and grime effortlessly. Tried and tested formula that is easy to apply & remove.

Cleans car windows, windscreens, and mirrors. Removes grime, dirt, dust, tobacco stains, fingerprints, and other light oily marks

Detailing Bundle

Hanging Air Fresh

Designer hanging air fresh inspired by Hugo Boss