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Bio Freshener Odour/Urine Remover (750 ml)

Bio Freshener Odour/Urine Remover (750 ml)

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Bio Freshener (750 ml)


  • Biological carpet and fabric treatment that tackles odours at their source.
  • Removes malodours caused by bacteria in the carpet or fabric, which feed on residues of soiling, such as food, vomit and urine.
  • Unlike conventional deodorisers, which only mask the smell, BIO FRESH harmlessly eats the odour that causes the soiling.
  • By removing the food source, malodours disappear and stay away for good. Ideal for use in veterinary care, nursing homes, cars, housing, toilets and storage areas where cleaning alone cannot remove smells.
  • Many of our customers but this for removing urine odours. This can take up to 48 hours to work as the product has enzymes that need time to process the proteins in the urine turning them to CO2 as a by product.
  • 750ml trigger spray bottle.

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